Checking Tires And Inflation For Dummies

When you own your own car for the first time and figure out that your car is not running as it should be running then you need to check the basics of the car like tires, engine, oil and steering. While you can go straight to professional services and the local garage for a checkup, it is better to give it a try yourself first. So here are some things when regarding tires.

#1 When filling up at the gas station

Most gas stations, in every country, have a separate stall for pumping your tires and uses air compressors in Sydney (most modern service stations). There are gauges to show you how much the pressure is when you are filling up but it requires that you know your tire’s capacities though. So make sure to check it with the services at the gas station itself or a friend with a car who uses the same tires.

#2 Tire pressure gauges for your own

Keeping your own tire pressure gauge in your emergency car fixing kit is a good idea as you can check to piston air compressor have high performance rates and low maintenance see if you can take the car for a few more miles when you feel the car tilting when you are driving. Personal gauges are usually very cheap and doing a check up on the tires at least on a monthly basis is a good idea.

#3 Not taking out the tire pressure labels

Most cars come with its own tire pressure information on the manual and also as a sticker on the doorjamb on the driver’s side of the car. The pressures are listed according to the tire position and you can use this as a reference. So do not take out sticks in the car that are not decorated with the flowers and other graphics.

#4 Getting one of your own portable electric air compressors

Sometimes it is better to keep one of these in the back of the vehicle along with the vehicle jack. Then you will not have to change the tires (unless you have a puncture on the tire) in case of an emergency and you can do the inflating at home too. These are important if you live in an area where inflating is charged as in most areas air inflation at gas stations are free of charge.

Make sure to change the type of tire according to season and do your best in keeping the tires in working order. Keep your wheel alignment straight, keeping enough tread depth, check for any external damages and punctures and drive in a proper manner without braking at breakneck speeds.


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