Picking The Right Location For A Movie

A successful movie is the result of many factors; the actors, director, special effects, sounds and even the selected locations. Therefore, directors, before making a movie, go on a location hunt, which is commonly known as location scouting. This is the process where they pick the best location that suits with their requirements for the movie. Although match the requirements with a location may not sound all that difficult, this is a process that does take a considerable amount of time. Therefore, the process of location scouting should not by any means be underestimated. Following are some of the steps in location scouting that is commonly followed by many film makers.


The consideration of a location for your movie comes along after determining the importance of many factors brought together. These include the overall aesthetics, cost of production, availability of natural resources, availability of electricity, logistics feasibility and most importantly the permission that needs to be granted. Some locations are protected by the government and therefore will require special permission to use them.


You must keep note as to whether the weather in the picked location will suit the atmosphere of your movie. If you are hoping to use ash FX for tv, make sure that your location has the ability to accommodate those effects so that they can be used in the most productive manner. Also, weather does not only mean that it needs to suit the movie. You need to ensure that the weather in that area will be of suitable working conditions in order to ensure that no inconveniences will have to be faced by your or your cast and crew.

Jobs related in this field

Location handling is not just the job of one person or of the director. In contrary, this job has been divided among many individuals. For instance, there needs to be a person that does the rain check in the location as well as another that keeps an eye on the artificial snow used in the movies. These include location manager, location scout, location assistant, parking coordinator, waste removal in-charge etc.

Booking the location

Once you have considered all particulars regarding the location, you must take action to book it before anyone else does. Especially if it is a place that many seem to find attractive to make it a location for their films, you must make reservations for it way ahead of time so that you will not have to check for alternatives to make your movie dream come true.

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