Why You Should Choose An Apartment Over A Hotel


When you’re visiting a new city for a holiday, you’ll need to pick the best form of accommodation. Although a hotel may seem like the better option, an apartment can provide equally good facilities and has many advantages. Let’s take a look at some of these.


Usually a serviced apartment in Causeway Bay will be more cost-effective than a hotel while also providing the same facilities such as WIFI, housekeeping and customer service. They also offer a comfortable setting for the same price. Apartments will also be more flexible with prices and may offer discount rates while hotels don’t do this. Thus, when it comes to value for money, an apartment is the better bet.


Apartments are homelier and more informal than hotel rooms. They will be furnished similarly to hotel rooms and will be equally as comfortable while also offering enough privacy. They’ll be spacious as well and come fitted out with kitchens, which you won’t find in a hotel. This type of furnished serviced apartment in Hong Kong could really feel like a home away from home.


Apartments will offer more advantages than hotels in various respects. Since they are more relaxing and versatile, they make the best holiday lodgings, especially if you’re travelling with kids. As they come equipped with a kitchen, you can make the most of this and cook your meals just the way you like it. You can also have guests over and even host a dinner with drinks, which you certainly can’t do at a hotel.


Hotels won’t always be located in the most interesting areas. Many will be close to business centers and similar locales that tend to be more exclusive. If you’re a traveler, this won’t be the perfect option for you. To truly get a feel of the place you visit, its best to choose an area right in the heart of the city. Apartments are usually located in busy areas close to landmarks and markets. This will help you meet the locals while also experiencing the city’s authentic sights and sounds.

More personalized

An apartment is certainly more personalized. At a hotel you don’t really have much say in the type of room you want and you will be allocated one without your any input of your own. However this won’t be the same with an apartment. You will be able to pick one depending on your tastes and style and choose what you think is most suitable for you.

Thus, choosing an apartment is more feasible and cost-effective.


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