Starting A Home Based Catering Business

If you are someone who loves food and loves to cook, you may as well use that love and passion to make some extra money while giving other fellow food lovers a chance to experience some amazing home cooked meals. Before you start your business it is important for you to try to analyze the market around you and try to find out what trends are popular and growing. One of the fastest growing lifestyle trends today is a switch to a clean, healthy plant based lifestyle and this is one market that you can choose to capitalize on. The sad fact is that many business people depend solely on processed junk food because they are too busy to find food that is healthy and home cooked. Many of these young people will very much appreciate the opportunity of having fresh home cooked, clean, healthy plant based meals delivered to their homes and offices and will be willing to pay extra money for this service too.


Investments and finances

In many cases, you should be able to start this business without spending any money at all but if you are looking forward to starting a business such as a plant based bbq business that will require special electric equipments, you might have to invest in a built in bbq in order to make the food. Start by doing your research online about the different things that you can make and sell in your business. It would be a good idea for you to experiment with certain recipes and offer them to friends and family before you start selling them to strangers.

You can even make things like seitan and grilled mushrooms in an electric bbq which is far cheaper than a built in one. The goal is to keep your initial expenses as low as possible because your business like many businesses will take at least a few months to kick off and become successful and you need to be prepared financially for these months.

Choose to keep your menu limited to common favourites such as vegan cupcakes, vegan donuts, vegan burgers and French fries so that you will have a guarantee that these things are going to sell. Also, in those first few months, you will need to either make your food in very small quantities or make the food only after it has been ordered in order to prevent waste. Prepare everything ahead of time to keep the processing time as short as possible but do not make food and keep it ready because you are risking wastage which can cause you to lose a lot of money.

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